Is the Xmas Ad War over already?

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The last piece of smoke has been extinguished from the last November Bonfire celebration and the battle to win the Christmas Ad War seems over already.

I recently heard the John Lewis Christmas Ads described as a Christmas institution. Since when? I can only remember a couple of them. Have they really been going long enough to be described in such a way? Well in a world where trends and technologies change quicker than managers at your favourite Premier League football club, anything that hangs around more than a year seemingly fits the bill.

Monty the Penguin – if the posts on my Facebook feed are to be believed – is melting hearts all over the country. John Lewis have done it again. It’s a brilliant campaign with it’s own page on the John Lewis website and of course you can buy your own Monty and Mabel. Who naturally both have a Twitter account. Brilliant, brilliant campaign!

I’ve just watched it again and it’s a beautifully crafted advert and an incredible piece of branding. They’re not selling you the latest hi-tech must-have, they’re selling the simple, lovely idea that Christmas is the time when you want to do something for someone else – in this case, find a mate for your toy penguin.

With 10.5 million views on YouTube at time of writing though, it’s not a TV Ad any more – it’s simply content. Content to deliver through the company’s distribution network but most importantly from my perspective, it’s video content and more accurately, Video Marketing.

Does a newspaper Ad got snapped on your iPhone and shared 10.5 million times on the internet. Not likely.

The visual medium – photography included – will always win in the online content war. Image is everything and with images as compellingly beautiful as those created for the #MontyThePenguin Ad, John Lewis will continue to be the brand we most associate with Christmas – the biggest spend of the year. People expect John Lewis to produce the goods, so to speak, with their annual emotional offering and with so much at stake in the battle for profits, they can’t afford to disappoint.

How would you brand your business in a video?

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