Xmas Ad Battle Goes Over The Top

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Sainsburys Chocolate







Just when I thought #MontyThePenguin had conquered the Christmas Ad War, Sainsbury’s belatedly went over the top into battle.

First impressions were that the re-enactment of the First World War Christmas Day truce in the trenches, had trumped the John Lewis CGI Penguin with a slice of humanity over the rampant commercialism of their rivals ads – but just as happened in the Great War, the good will ended the very next day.

Sainsbury’s produced the the ad in conjunction with the Royal British Legion, who stood to raise funds through sales of the chocolate bar that was so generously donated by the English soldier to his German counterpart in the ad but this created a backlash against Sainsburys who were accused of cashing in on the centenary of the First World War.

In the first few days they were selling 5,000 chocolate bars per hour.

On paper this must have seemed like a perfect alliance. The Royal British Legion raise funds for ex-servicemen and Sainsbury’s look like they’re doing their bit whilst making money too.

News that Sainsbury’s are about to demolish a rugby ground that was built as a memorial to 300 rugby players that lost their lives in the war to make way for a new superstore, must be adding to the criticism they are receiving from the partnership.

Who knows how this will affect the reputation of both parties?

This got me wondering. What alliances could you make in your business?

Do you provide services that would compliment those of an existing company? Do you produce goods that would fit perfectly with another’s?

We are off to The Business Show at Olympia next week with a Photographer friend. Video and photography are different enough to be considered separately but are so closely related that it makes sense to package the services up.

Our photography and video material will be shown on a range of beautiful display screens – the providers of which have formed an alliance with the photographer. The screens sell the images and vice versa. Marvellous.

Who could you team up with?

Speak soon.