Testimonials, Testimonials, Testimonials

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If you take an interest in marketing yourself, you’ll have been bashed over the head by the proliferation of online posts lately, telling you about the importance of customer testimonials.

But there’s a reason for that. Testimonials are powerful tools to take to potential new clients. They beat any glossy advert in a magazine where you can tell the world how fantastic you and your new products are – it’s much better and quite often free to get someone to do that for you.

Think how effective then a video testimonial can be. It’s there right in front of you. You’re getting it from the horse’s mouth – “We used this company and they are GREAT!”


They’ve taken the time to give the business owner the testimonial and they’ve got over their fear of appearing in front of the camera – all because they think so highly of the service they’ve been given. As a potential new client, you can look them right in the whites of their eyes and judge their credibility. Try and think of a medium that lets you do this as well. You can’t.

I’ve put together here short snippets from three video testimonials. The first one and the last one I did after the event as I wanted to make sure they really were happy with the service I provided. The second one however, I got the clients to record that on the day of filming and it reflected fairly the experience they had on that day, despite not yet seeing the finished results.

When should you ask someone to give you a testimonial? Well that depends. If it’s a client that you see in person grab them and do them on the spot so to speak. Done carefully and in the right situation, this could even be done on your iPhone – just keep it short.

If it’s a remote client, you could always ask them to send you the video testimonial perhaps by using their WebCam but best of all (well I would say this wouldn’t I), is to get a professional video testimonial produced – whether you use a crew that’s local to them or a trusted local video marketer, it needn’t cost the earth.

It’s up to you to decide how valuable the video testimonial from that client will be and how much it will damage your brand if you publish a poorly produced video. Compare the cost of production against other forms of marketing you do and make your decision.