Tesco reality check

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Tesco announced this week that their profits aren’t going to be quite as gargantuan as first thought. This continues what has been a bad year for the Supermarket. But why are they struggling?

Well the answer is easy – buyers habits have changed – and the reason they’ve changed is they have less money in their pocket. So instead of buying in bulk on a regular basis, shoppers now buy little and often in smaller stores.

The same is true for marketing. Instead of taking out expensive adverts in magazines and newspapers or on television, companies are producing smaller, bite-sized and even homegrown marketing campaigns.

Just as there was a time when producing a video for your business or website meant creating a £10k+ epic that sat on your website or on a DVD in your office draw, the focus now is on creating smaller pieces of content and more often.

A five minute showcase video is no longer desirable by the viewers. What they want is information that helps them make an informed decision on whether to do business with you or not.

What problems can you solve for them? Why is your product better than your competitors?

These are the answers that customers and clients are looking for.

Of course if you do think that you need a glossy video to demonstrate what your company does that’s fine but what you should also be doing is repurposing that content, to produce more manageable pieces of content that can easily be shared via your social networks and email campaigns.

Tesco just became too big and the balance is being redressed.

How are you adjusting your marketing campaigns to match your customer needs?