Sweet Inspiration for Video Marketing

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How are things?

Are you getting back into your stride after the end of year celebrations?

After a number of enquiries in the past week, it certainly feels like people are waking up to the New Year and some new ideas.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share with you a means of getting your foot on the Video Marketing ladder without breaking the bank and yet still creating a big impact.

Below is a Photo Slideshow that uses Motion Graphics and upbeat music to create an introduction to Sweet Inspiration in Dumfries.

They sell cake decoration supplies and services and Lauren from Sweet Inspiration knew that video was very good for her new website’s SEO. But having spent money on that sparkling new website, realised she couldn’t manage to have the video produced that she wanted.

That’s where we could help.

The beauty of this style of video is it is short, sweet and effective. The client didn’t have to lose half a day to having a film crew turn up, move everything out of place and eat all their biscuits and we didn’t have to travel.

In fact, we’ve never actually met!

We spoke to the lovely Lauren on the phone and sent each other emails explaining the process and deciding how the video should turn out.

Sweet Inspiration followed our advice by placing the video at the top of her new website and used the lovely Wistia for professional Video Hosting and full Video SEO benefits. Now they’re shooting up that Video Marketing ladder and web rankings too.

A video of this style running thirty to sixty seconds costs £350 + VAT. You provide the high quality still images and we provide the music and sprinkle the fairy dust.

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