The daftest thing happened…

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After a brief meeting with a local Country House Hotel here in the beautiful South Lakes, I was fresh in their mind when they needed to provide visual proof to back up their claims that they had produced The Most Expensive Dessert In The World.

This was a first for me – shooting a video to send to the Guinness Book of World Records.

They needed this video for the next day, so I thought I can do better than that, I’ll go up there this afternoon, take my laptop and burn them the DVD they needed right there and then. Being a quick worker, within a few hours I’d shot and edited it and burnt it to DVD to send of to the boys from the black stuff.

It’s not my favourite piece of work by any stretch and I didn’t feel like shouting about it too much but I added it to our YouTube channel regardless. What happened next was incredible but not extraordinary.

Crucially, I allowed the video to be embeddable on other websites and after some hurried viewing activity on an external site, YouTube made it a suggested video. It has now had 60,000 views!

It’s good to share!

If only I’d embedded this video on my site. The Video SEO (search engine optimisation) benefits would have been fantastic. Why? Well Google rewards sites that go to the effort of producing content that communicates with its audience and if you’ve made a video, you have gone that extra mile and they will rank you accordingly.

There are many ways that video can be used to boost your SEO so maybe it’s time to think twice about putting all your SEO eggs into one basket. Boil up a couple of videos.

Oh… here’s the video. It was delicious by the way 🙂