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So the World Cup’s well under way now and the England result aside, what a great tournament it’s been so far.

World Cup

World Cup

I’ve taken a break from video production and marketing to come out to Brazil to work as a camera operator for the host broadcasters of the world’s biggest sporting event in terms of TV audience.

I’ll be covering games in Recife, Natal and Rio.

It’s an honour to be asked to be involved in such a high profile event and I’m enjoying it all as you might imagine. There’s a lot of travelling to be done but we try to compliment working hard with playing pretty hard too.

The Ghana v USA match we did on Monday epitomised what a World Cup game should be like and I’m not talking about the action on the pitch. Without getting Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder about it, it was the integration of the crowd that made it a spectacular night for me.

Both sets of fans were outstanding. I had a shot of a guy in an Argentina shirt in with the Ghanaians who looked like he’d won the lottery. He couldn’t believe his luck, dancing along with the Africans and this is what makes this event something uniquely special.

Being involved in something like the World Cup means I am used to working at the highest level and this is something that benefits my video production business – and if your a client of ours or would like to be, you too.

I’m going to enjoy every minute of my time in Brazil, though I’ll be looking forward to getting back and helping companies of all sizes improve their marketing with the driving force of the internet – video.